Samstag, August 29, 2020


Sentry MBA is an automated account cracking tool that makes it one of the most popular cracking tools. It is used by cybercriminals to take over user accounts on major websites. With Sentry MBA, criminals can rapidly test millions of usernames and passwords to see which ones are valid on a targeted website. The tool has become incredibly popular — the Shape Security research team sees Sentry MBA attack attempts on nearly every website we protect.  Download Sentry MBA v1.4.1 latest version.


Sentry MBA has a point-and-click graphical user interface, online help forums, and vibrant underground marketplaces to enable large numbers of individuals to become cybercriminals. These individuals no longer need advanced technical skills, specialized equipment, or insider knowledge to successfully attack major websites.
Sentry MBA attack has three phases,
  • Targeting and attack refinement
  • Automated account check
  • Monetization
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